Birthplace of the famous Roman-Catholic bishop M├írton ├üron it is situated in the northern part of Cs├şk Region on equal distance from County capital city Miercurea - Ciuc(Cs├şkszereda) and Gheorgheni (Gyergy├│szentmikl├│s). Altitude 640 m. Houses are spreaded along the Olt river basin. With raiway station. Is surrounded by high mountains like Garados(948m), Nagyhagym├ís/ H─âsmasu-Mare (1794), Egyesk┼Ĺ/Piatra Unic─â(1608m), ├ľcs├ęm/Ecem(1708m), Terk┼Ĺ/Tarc─âu (1461m). The Edelweiss Inn is situated near the village centre in the Felszeg

Historical monuments, touristic attractions

  • Roman-Catholic Church
  • Iron sillhouette of M├írton ├üron on the external wall of the church.
  • Greek Catholic Church.
  • St. Margaret Convent.
  • Martyr`s Memorial
  • War`s Memorial.
  • M├írton ├üron commemorative Plaque.
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